Summer Consultants led the design of the new 1,115 SM (12,000 SF) Central Heating Plant for DDSP which serves warehouses on the base. The new high pressure steam plant includes three No. 2 fuel oil boilers. The new fuel farm has a total capacity of 1,137,000 liters. The boilers use RACT burners with flue gas recirculation for low NOx emissions. Digital instrumentation was provided for fuel consumption and steam export recording. Stack heights were coordinated with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) due to the adjacent airport. The building includes administrative space, employee lunch/break area, restrooms and locker rooms.

The central heating plant is supported by a fully rated, diesel emergency generator system with automatic transfer switch. The exterior building and parking lot lighting is provided for safety and security while complying with FAA shielding requirements for lighting in proximity to the adjacent airport.

The existing plant was demolished when the new plant was tested, accepted and placed in service.