Anthony Bevan, PE

Fire Protection Engineer

Anthony’s intial career path was the design automobile aerodynamics, but he quickly realized his passion of volunteer firefighting, and decided to combine to two as a fire protection engineer. Anthony has worked in the fire protection engineering field for over five years with experience on both the design and the consulting sides.  Through his experience in the loss prevention field, Anthony saw first hand what could happen if fire protection systems were not provided or inadequately designed. This coupled with his firefighting history provides a practical knowledge to the fire engineering design field where he works on projects of all sizes and a variety of occupancies.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I play hockey and I enjoy the outdoors in the form of whitewater rafting, camping and backpacking. On a day to day basis, I enjoy cooking new meals and trying new restaurants.


  • Professional Engineer – Fire Protection


  • West Virginia University – BS Mechanical Engineering
  • West Virginia University – BS Aerospace Engineering