Summer Consultants completed an engineering  assessment of the mechanical systems serving a 9,600 SF outpatient center. The purpose of the study was to review the existing air conditioning and heating systems, confirm their capacities, and identify opportunities to improve operational efficiencies.

We surveyed three, split-system air conditioners and one, non-condensing, natural gas fired boiler to determine the existing conditions and identify any deficiencies with the systems. Load calculations were completed to confirm the capacity of each piece of equipment. It was determined that while in fair condition, the boiler was not fully functional and oversized. Each of the air conditioning units were newer and sized appropriately to meet building needs.

The final report included recommendations to improve efficiency. Recommendations included replacement of the boiler with an appropriately sized condensing boiler; provision of a water treatment system for the boiler; and the addition of duct smoke detectors for the air conditioning units. Additional recommendations to meet code requirements were also provided.