Perhaps one of our most difficult projects – designing for ourselves…

After occupying our former location for over 30 years, we were in desperate need of a renewed office space and more amenities. Some of the key goals for a new office space were:

  • Accessibility to public transportation.
  • Shower facilities as several employees bicycle to and from work.
  • Views to the outside throughout the space. The old space had few windows and views were not optimized.
  • “Walking the walk”. Since we design energy efficient spaces, we wanted to live in one that uses the technologies we specify, such as the lighting fixtures and lighting controls.

The suite is located in the Silverline Center’s 5-story Atrium building constructed in 1984 and adjacent to the Tower building. A 3rd building on the complex houses the parking garage with a one-story office space on the top. The building is accessible to the Metro Silver Line Tysons Corner subway stop. Due to the public transit access, the area is rapidly developing into a more walkable, urban setting.

The results? We are pretty pleased. We have a comfortable, LEED Gold office space in a building that offers many amenities. Everyone gets some daylight and views only require standing up at your desk, or simply standing at your height adjustable desk. We each have control of the light fixture over our individual work space. Our energy dashboard shows our lighting load runs around 0.15 W/sf.