Summer Consultants led a multi-discipline team to completely renovate Building 2007 at Marine Corps Base Quantico. Building 2007 was originally constructed as a barracks pre-World War 2, but has been modified for offices on the first and basement floors. Originally called Barrack G, the building is a contributing resource to the Base Historic District.

The goal for the building is for it to be renovated into swing space so that as buildings around the base are renovated, the tenants can relocate to Building 2007 for the duration of construction. This requires a building renovation design that is coordinated with the needs of the first planned tenant while keeping the design versatile to allow for future modifications to meet the needs of the next group.

In addition to the interior modifications, the terra cotta waste piping is treated with a cured in place liner and the parking lot is repaved and restriped.

Through the renovations under this project, Summer Consultants will provide open offices with adequate space conditioning, lighting and versatility to allow the tenant to be comfortable with enough versatility to reconfigure the spaces to meet future tenant needs.