Originally constructed in 1934, the historic Joseph F. Weis, Jr. US Courthouse is a contributing building to the Pittsburgh Central Downtown Historic District.  The building has undergone multiple renovations for modernization as building functions have changed. The building is served by two chillers, one of which failed and was replaced. Summer Consultants provided commissioning services for the chiller replacement project.

The replacement project included the replacement of the 780 ton chiller and replacement valves as well as removal of the heat exchanger. Commissioned equipment included the chiller, refrigerant monitor, cooling tower bypass valve and chiller isolation valves.  The project included development of a commissioning plan; pre-commissioning meeting; miscellaneous management protocols; schedule; submittal and O&M review; system verification checklists; testing and start up; functional performance testing; and final report.

The commissioning testing identified a few equipment issues; issues were either resolved immediately and retested or recommendations were provided for future repairs. The final report included all testing results.