The four air handling units (SHUs) serving the printing/mail and warehouse facilities were original to the building and had reached the end of their useful lives. Summer Consultants led a multi-discipline team to complete the HVAC system renovation.

The AHUs, associate return fans and piping were replaced in kind with four new units totaling 50,000 CFM. A return duct serving the print shop was replaced due to a duct collapse. The existing larger duct was replaced with two smaller ducts, allowing the ducts to be thread through existing cables and systems located in the ceiling. The controls were upgraded to direct digital controls and integrated with the campus’ existing BACnet controls system.

At the client’s request, Summer Consultants designed a new electric steam boiler to provide humidification of the print facility and warehouse which have critical design set point criteria. The new boiler maintains required humidity conditions and provides clean steam three of the AHUs.