The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Building 10 lobby serves as the main entrance for patients and visitors. Summer Consultants provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design services to renovate the lobby and primary vehicle drive of the hospital.

The lobby was expanded and reconfigured to include a new central reception/information desk, visitor seating, cafe, and ceremonial area with flag display. Mechanical systems were modified with the replacement of slot diffusers to better supply cooling air and match the new layout. Fin tube radiators were also replaced with new, out-of-view trench heaters.

Power was provided to the new patient records desk and command duty office, and electrical receptacles were relocated to support the renovations. Lighting was replaced with new LED fixtures. New lighting was provided underneath the walkway to provide illumination throughout the space. TheĀ  sprinkler and fire alarm and mass notification systems were also extended to provide full coverage of the lobby.

The renovation project provides a warm, welcoming entryway to a world-class facility, while providing opportunities for multiple uses by the owner.