Summer Consultants provided mechanical and electrical design services for the reconfiguration and renovation of an educational facility. The project provides a new entry vestibule, conference and training rooms, offices, break room and rest rooms.

The existing Direct Expansion (DX) rooftop units were modified with the addition of hydronic heating coils. Two new rooftop units and associated ductwork were added to provide cooling for the space. Existing ductwork and diffusers were relocated as required to support the reconfiguration. Plumbing renovations included modification and rerouting of the domestic water, sanitary, gas, and vent piping for the new break area and rest rooms. New plumbing fixtures were also provided for each area.

A new electrical panelboard was added to provide adequate circuits for the new space and new equipment. Power was provided for new equipment, including HVAC units, and power and data receptacles were relocated to accommodate the renovations. Lighting fixtures were also replaced with new LED fixtures and lighting controls.

In addition, the fire alarm system was modified to provide new audio and visual devices which were integrated with the existing fire alarm panel. The wet-pipe fire suppression system was modified to provide coverage in accordance with NFPA requirements including relocation and addition of sprinkler heads.