Summer Consultants provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering design for the renovation and expansion of a 50,000 SF two-level science classroom facility into a 60,000 SF state-of-the-art wet laboratory building with 25 fume hoods. Features of the project included the relocation of several laboratories, expansion of the Physical Science and other laboratories, and a new student lounge and study area.

Mechanical improvements included new variable air volume (VAV) air handling units with heat recovery and associated ductwork, pumps, and fume hood exhaust systems. Laboratories with fume hoods utilized fast acting VAV air valves for fume hood exhaust air, supply air and general exhaust air to maintain a directional air flow. In addition, the chillers and cooling towers were renovated.

Plumbing design included modification of the domestic water, gas, and vent piping. New plumbing fixtures included emergency showers, eyewash stations and laboratory classroom sinks with acid waste and neutralization systems. Electrical renovations included the extension of the electrical distribution system to serve the new addition, relocation of power and data outlets, and replacement of lighting fixtures with energy efficient fixtures.