I attended the ACEC FAPA* Committee Winter Meeting on 19 February 2019. Agencies shared their perspectives with the engineering community. Agencies presenting included

  • USAF
  • SBA
  • GSA
  • Bureau of Overseas Building

Of particular interest to small businesses was the SBA presentation. Every five years, SBA is to (1) assess industry and determine appropriate size standards and (2) adjust size standards for inflation. SBA anticipates reviewing the Engineering Services (NAICS Code 541330) size standard in 2020. They are currently preparing to publish the process for size standard review, subject to approval of OMB. SBA is likely to provide an inflationary adjustment to NAICS Code 541330 in 2019. It was last adjusted in 2014.

Per the Small Business Runway Extension Act of 2018 SBA will measure the revenue-based size standards on the average annual receipts over five years instead of three. SBA must go through the rule-making process to implement the Act.

* American Council of Engineering Companies Federal Agencies and Procurement Advocacy


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