Going With The “Flow”

Think fire hydrants only provide water for fire trucks during emergencies? Or serve as a means of relief during hot summer months? Think again. That hydrant helps to determine whether the water supply can meet the demands of a building’s fire suppression system reliably. When the fire suppression system is replaced, a fire hydrant water… Read More

31.71 Miles of Overhead Transmission Lines

At Indian Head Naval Base, one of the area’s largest military bases by size at 3,500 acres, Summer Consultants was tasked with conducting a study of the existing overhead medium voltage power distribution system. This required the team, including myself, to literally walk (with some driving) the entire base – through woods, rain, and the… Read More

4 Teams, 18 Sites, 3 Weeks

At Summer Consultants there is never a “typical” job.  Last spring/summer we surveyed and wrote the RFPs for the replacement of fire alarm systems at 18 Army Reserve Centers throughout the Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia region.  The locations varied from a reserve center in Alexandria, Virginia (the backyard of our headquarters) to Franklin,… Read More