Building a Career in the Hybrid Workplace


After working from home throughout the height of the pandemic, I’ve realized the flexibility remote work gives and have become grateful for it. Once you get used to the perks, they’re hard to give up. Luckily, the hybrid work environment has become commonplace in today’s world and at Summer Consultants.

For many people, working from home has been the only perk of the pandemic. Every day I telework gives me the chance to make my own lunch at home, not to mention all the time saved that would otherwise be spent commuting to work. On the other hand, working from home does present its own unique challenges – and when it comes to attitudes about remote work, I’m sure experience is a prevalent factor.

My first few months at Summer were completely in person, followed by about eight months fully remote. I’m glad I started my career in the office. I think it’s much easier to start in a situation where you can walk over to someone’s desk rather than have video chat with them. There’s no worrying about connection issues, and you don’t have to repeat “can you hear me?” three times a day. The more technical questions become easier to answer in person too. For example, someone could sketch a diagram quickly rather than fiddle with a program online. A more experienced engineer might not have these concerns, but I think working completely remotely could cause a new employee to feel somewhat isolated from the company, regardless of experience. I’m also not done asking questions.

I’m grateful I was able to build relationships before going remote, and they will be easier to maintain in a hybrid setup. I feel lucky to be in a situation that has allowed me to progress as a newer employee while also giving more flexibility throughout the week.