My Experience as a Summer Intern: No Regrets

Being an intern at Summer Consultants has been an opportunity that I have no regrets taking. From CAD modeling, surveys, and structural analysis to soccer games, lunch debates, and happy hours, this internship has had it all. During work hours, I had the privilege of working on three projects and learning about mechanical systems (specifically… Read More

My Experience as a Summer Intern: Growing as an Engineer

A great philosopher once said, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place-but nothing ever grows there.” This internship at Summer Consultants has allowed me to fully step out of my comfort zone and grow as an engineer. Before joining this program, I was reluctant to ask certain questions regarding topics I did not have a… Read More

The Benefits of Beginning as an Intern

In November 2019, I accepted my offer to become an employee at Summer Consultants beginning the following summer. In January 2020, while I was finishing my undergraduate degree at the University of Delaware, I began working as an intern at the firm, per my request. This proved to be a great decision and provided me… Read More

My Experience as a Summer Intern: More than Engineering Design

As an intern, not only have I been a part of engaging project teams, but I’ve also had the opportunity to connect and enjoy time with many of my coworkers, both inside and outside of work. From small things like grabbing lunch to playing volleyball, the personal company culture here at Summer Consultants truly brings… Read More