Improving Marketing in the A/E/C Industry

As one of the few non-engineers at Summer Consultants, I am constantly learning about different systems – boilers, controls, transformers, codes, fire alarms, etc. The list could go on. While I need this information for marketing, how it is presented to clients can always be improved. That’s why I was thrilled to attend the Society for Marketing Professional Services’ (SMPS) Build Business 2019, held in Washington, DC. This conference focuses on marketing and business development for the A/E/C industry and provided some valuable education for me to take back to the office.

Presentations varied from discussion about the power of influence to tips on how to better use Photoshop for graphic work. I attended presentations on impactful proposal writing, dynamic communication, and how to become an industry thought leader.  Other interesting sessions discussed how to create and incorporate infographics into presentations and ideas to improve critical thinking and problem-solving. So much to learn but not enough hours in the day.

My favorite presentation was about the brain. It doesn’t sound very marketing related, I know.  But when we engage our critical thinking centers, located in the frontal lobe, in our work, we are actually improving the health of our brains. Who knew that thinking hard was actually good for you? There was also an exhibit hall to visit with conference sponsors and learn more about their products and services. Very convenient!

The people I met were the best part of the conference. Build Business veterans were so welcoming to conference newbies like me. After all, everyone came to learn how we can help our companies as well as meet new industry contacts. I even got to reconnect with marketing friends who helped me prepare for working in an engineering firm when I joined Summer Consultants.  It was a great 3 days, and I hope to put all this new information into use very soon.


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