My Experience as a Summer Intern: Sticking to Your Values

When researching any company, you’ll inevitably find a list of values that they hold to a high regard, but being able to see those values shine through their work and culture is what truly matters. Throughout my internship, I have found that Summer Consultants not only speaks upon what is important to them, but takes… Read More

My Experience as a Summer Intern: No Regrets

Being an intern at Summer Consultants has been an opportunity that I have no regrets taking. From CAD modeling, surveys, and structural analysis to soccer games, lunch debates, and happy hours, this internship has had it all. During work hours, I had the privilege of working on three projects and learning about mechanical systems (specifically… Read More

Summer Summit 2023

Summer Consultants (SCI) is an MEP&FP engineering firm specializing in challenging engineering design work related to architectural engineering. In the past 20 years SCI has expanded from approximately 25 full time employees and 1 office to roughly 60 full time employees and 5 offices in the mid-Atlantic region. SCI continues to support office culture and collaborative… Read More

My Experience as a Summer Intern: More than Engineering Design

As an intern, not only have I been a part of engaging project teams, but I’ve also had the opportunity to connect and enjoy time with many of my coworkers, both inside and outside of work. From small things like grabbing lunch to playing volleyball, the personal company culture here at Summer Consultants truly brings… Read More

Summer Summit 2022

Collaboration, family, and fun. These are the words I would use to describe the 2022 Summer Summit. People came from offices all the way out in Raleigh, NC, Norfolk, VA, and Newark, DE, to the main headquarters here in McLean, VA. It took an incredible amount of coordination and planning from all parties involved to… Read More