Herman T. Schneebeli Federal Building Chiller & Roof Replacement

Summer Consultants led a multi-discipline team to renovate the four-story office and courthouse facility including replacement of the chillers and penthouse roof. The two existing 100-ton chillers were replaced with two 140-ton air-cooled chillers with remote evaporators, which eliminated the need for a glycol solution for system freeze protection due to the chillers’ location on… Read More

99th Regional Support Command District Fire Alarm & Mass Notification Systems

Summer Consultants prepared separate design-build RFP packages totaling $3.8 million for new fire alarm and mass notification systems at 18 army reserve centers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Four separate teams evaluated the existing conditions at the 18 facilities concurrently. The renovations included demolition of the existing systems, provision for new fire alarms… Read More

Joseph F. Weis, Jr. US Courthouse

Originally constructed in 1934, the historic Joseph F. Weis, Jr. US Courthouse is a contributing building to the Pittsburgh Central Downtown Historic District.  The building has undergone multiple renovations for modernization as building functions have changed. The building is served by two chillers, one of which failed and was replaced. Summer Consultants provided commissioning services… Read More