My Experience as a Summer Intern: Sticking to Your Values

When researching any company, you’ll inevitably find a list of values that they hold to a high regard, but being able to see those values shine through their work and culture is what truly matters. Throughout my internship, I have found that Summer Consultants not only speaks upon what is important to them, but takes… Read More

Summer Summit 2023

Summer Consultants (SCI) is an MEP&FP engineering firm specializing in challenging engineering design work related to architectural engineering. In the past 20 years SCI has expanded from approximately 25 full time employees and 1 office to roughly 60 full time employees and 5 offices in the mid-Atlantic region. SCI continues to support office culture and collaborative… Read More

The Benefits of Beginning as an Intern

In November 2019, I accepted my offer to become an employee at Summer Consultants beginning the following summer. In January 2020, while I was finishing my undergraduate degree at the University of Delaware, I began working as an intern at the firm, per my request. This proved to be a great decision and provided me… Read More