My Experience as a Summer Intern: Sticking to Your Values

When researching any company, you’ll inevitably find a list of values that they hold to a high regard, but being able to see those values shine through their work and culture is what truly matters. Throughout my internship, I have found that Summer Consultants not only speaks upon what is important to them, but takes… Read More

My Experience as a Summer Intern: No Regrets

Being an intern at Summer Consultants has been an opportunity that I have no regrets taking. From CAD modeling, surveys, and structural analysis to soccer games, lunch debates, and happy hours, this internship has had it all. During work hours, I had the privilege of working on three projects and learning about mechanical systems (specifically… Read More

My Experience as a Summer Intern: Growing as an Engineer

A great philosopher once said, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place-but nothing ever grows there.” This internship at Summer Consultants has allowed me to fully step out of my comfort zone and grow as an engineer. Before joining this program, I was reluctant to ask certain questions regarding topics I did not have a… Read More